Mixed Reality

A new way of visualizing our world (and any world you can imagine!) 

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality, also known as MR, is "the result of blending the physical world with the digital world" (Microsoft, 2018). The word "mixed" is explicitly used here to refer to said technology's combination of two main source elements:

1) Augmented reality, where users can view computer-generated images in the real world, and

2) Virtual reality, where users can immerse themselves in a simulated world.

Thus, MR allows "virtual objects [to be] hooked into the user's real world and augment their real environment, making virtual interactions appear to be real" (Anurag, 2018). Much of the work for MR has been developed by Microsoft, but the computing technology is still in its early stages. Please use this website to explore the portrayal of MR and similar technologies in the media, the social implications of using MR, and what the future holds for the technology.

Source: Anurag, "Mixed Reality Vs Augmented Reality: What's the difference?", URL: https://www.newgenapps.com/blog/mixed-reality-vs-augmented-reality-the-difference (Accessed: September 16, 2019)


    Dian Chen      |     Trang Ha     |     Chioma Onyenokwe*     |     Yujia Qiu     |    Joseph Turcotte 

Professor Keith Pray (CS3043 A'19)

*poor contributor

Mixed Reality | CS3043 A'19
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